Mentors Still Needed!


Henry Sibley High School, Warrior Seminar Mentor Program

Fall 2018

The TriDistrict Career and College Readiness Initiative is a unique partnership that has developed between the school districts of South St. Paul, Inver Grove Heights and West. St. Paul – Mendota Heights – Eagan. This partnership between the districts is a collaborative effort to guarantee that all students of South St. Paul Secondary School, Simley High School, and Henry Sibley High School graduate with a plan for his/her “next step” and has the skills, knowledge, attributes and attitudes to be successful, wherever that next step takes him/her.

Of critical importance for students is for them to have a wide array of Career and College Readiness experiences, exposures, and explorations. To support the goals of our Initiative in this regard, we are looking for mentors from the community to share their time, experience and expertise from their world of work. Our first mentorship program is at Henry Sibley High School as a part of their Warrior Seminar course, a class in which all 9th graders at Henry Sibley enroll.


Based upon feedback from business professionals, parents, students and teachers, mentors and mentees will meet to discuss:

  • Introductions, Mentor background and experience, and topics of career interest for students.
  • What it means to “show up” to work, home, and school.
  • How to present themselves at a job interview, including the application prior to an interview
  • How to turn an interest or passion into a job and a job into a career;


The main preparation for mentors is to simply reflect on their own stories of how they come to be where they are in the world of work, how their path(s) may have changed. We’ll then ask mentors to then share with students what it takes to get started in a career field of interest or begin to develop the professional skills needed for any career, by getting that all important “first job.” When mentoring sessions start, the week prior to each session, mentors will be sent a reminder that inlcudes information and other materials as a heads up for the following week’s meeting topic. The main activities of meetings will be connecting with students and facilitating a conversation around the week’s topic (the four bullet points listed above)

Time Commitment

We ask Mentors to meet with a minimum of two groups of 4-6 students for a total of 8-12 students, four times throughout the school year, for approximately one hour and forty-five minutes (2 separate class periods—one group of students per class period) each visit (a total of less than 8 hours across the year). If you can’t make the two period commitment work for your schedule, please contact me as we can likely work something out.

Times for either set of dates would be (mentors visit with students one of the three windows of time):

1st and 2nd period (approx. 8:30am-10:10am)

2nd and 3rd period (approx. 9:20am-11:00am)

6th and 7th period (approx. 1:20pm-3:00pm)


Meeting dates for the 2018-2019school year: (mentors select a time slot from above and then select one of the two sets of dates):

  • Mondays: November 19th, January 7th, March 18th, May 6th
  • Tuesdays: November 20th, January 8th, March 19th, & May 7th

If  you are interested in being a part of this program, please follow this link to sign up to be a Mentor, or contact Ben Kusch, Lead Designer of the TriDistrict Career and College Readiness Initiative with any questions.