Calling all local business leaders!

The workforce is changing, and with it, the knowledge employees need and the skills employers demand. The TriDistrict partners are working together on this challenge, and . We invite you to work with us on this ambitious goal. Your support, experience, and insight will be invaluable as we work to expand programs and classes that will prepare our students to enter the workforce and/or college prepared. By creating more opportunities for our students to go on to be successful graduates, we will be helping local businesses be more successful, which will strengthen our communities.

Ways you or your organization can get involved…

Course and Program Development:

  • Industry/business advisory panel or work group member
  • Teacher mentor – internally or externally

Student Experiences:

  • Classroom guest speaker or panelist Student mentor – in-person or electronically (email, video conferencing, etc.)
  • Career fair participant – represent your industry or career field
  • Job fair participant – hire for summer, seasonal, or long-term positions
  • Host a site-visit for a class
  • Host a job shadow for a student or small group of students
  • Offer a student internship

There are countless other ways you can be involved. If you have an idea for how you, your company, or industry can deepen or broaden the student learning experience, please let us know by contacting Ben Kusch at